About Gamotronix

Gamotronix was launched in the year 2016 and is the Publisher of Ludo King.
GAMETION is developer and copyright holder of Ludo King.

  • Ludo King™ is a classic board game, which is also the modern version of royal game of Pachisi. The game is played between friends, family & kids.

  • Ludo King has crossed 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and is the first ever Indian game to cross this milestone.

  • Ludo King offers two game modes: Online and Offline. Offline mode offers with six player feature using Local Mutliplayer mode and Online Multiplayer mode with two to four players.

  • The game offers amazing features like customised chatting and emoji's to connect with your friends, can also resume the game.

  • A challenging strategy puzzle game of Alphabets, where the player has to make Z's out of 26 A's.

  • The game is fun to play with three levels and can also challenge yourself with least possible time to achieve the given target.

  • The game begins with 26 A's on the board. The player has to combine the letters to get to the letter Z.

  • The player has to combine two A's , to form letter B and following the same pattern of combining two B's will get to the letter C and so on and so forth. The game ends with formation of letter Z.